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Analyzing the Pulse of Student Writing: Fostering Creativity using Writing Heartbeat

by Yvonne de St. Croix, PhD
Creative thinking is an essential skill to be fostered and nourished in all persons. To enhance and spread the creativity, especially within gifted children, multiple methodologies may be employed by educators. One such method is found in Writing Heartbeat activities, where children analyze a sample of prose writing for sentence variance, sentence structure, tone, flow, and word choice.

On an EKG machine, what does a heartbeat look like? What happens if the line falls flat? Symbolism exists when one considers the associated between a heartbeat and the flow expressed in writing. [ more ]

CAG Board Members Participate in 42nd Confratute

By Yvonne de St. Croix, PhD
July 7th through 12th marked the 42nd annual Confratute at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, CT. Confratute is the longest running summer institute on enrichment-based differentiated teaching held at the University of Connecticut. The name "Confratute" combines the terms, conference, institute, and fraternity. Connecticut Association for the Gifted (CAG) was represented by Bonnie O'Regan, Katie Augustyn, and Yvonne de St. Croix, each of whom played a different role at Confratute. Katie presented a roundtable discussion on Monday about the CAG's Minds in Motion. Bonnie attended as a participant and kicked-off Confratute prior to Monday's keynote with a brief presentation about CAG. Yvonne was a Confratute CMer and facilitated morning hikes for participants, acted as the evening bouncer for social events, and was a strand count leader. [ more ]

One Looks Inward, Many Look Outward: The Reflection in the Collaborative Mirror

By Yvonne de St. Croix, PhD
For two of the past three year, the class of students I serve has had no classroom. For the past three years, I have served a student collective. We are not brought together by academic subject, instructional interest, or intellectual ambition but rather by program identification. In my role as talented and gifted educator, I frequently find myself uniting students with diverse levels of interest, readiness, and learning strengths to approach similar curriculum goals. It has taken a tremendous amount of effort of design standards-based programs of studies that center on the interests of students gleaned through multifaceted measures. [ more ]

No Outer Limits to Creativity for Students

By Yvonne de St. Croix, PhD

Over the past few months, talented and gifted students at my district's intermediate school have been stretching their imaginations, gaining a greater sense of empathy, and developing an understanding for the challenges faced by all humanity. [ more ]

All, by my Selfie: Using Images to Create Community

As an educator, I sought to prove that self-involvement could expand rather that inhibit student understanding. Selfie, Oxford Dictionaries 2013 Word of the Year, has been viewed by society as a conflicted term. Yet educators can utilize that conflict by synergizing student desires of self-expression, technology applications, and purposeful content planning [ more ]

CAG Names 2017-18 Friend of the Gifted, Educator of the Year

Westport, CT 5/7/2018 – The Connecticut Association for the Gifted (CAG) has announced that New Canaan (CT) Saxe Middle School Gifted/Talented Teacher, Jean Caffrey has been named the Connecticut Association for the Gifted (CAG) '2018 Educator of the Year', and Connecticut's Education Committee lawmakers who supported the new G/T law PA 17-82 have been named CAG's 'Friend of the Gifted'. Caffrey and the Education Committee members will be honored at an awards ceremony during CAG's Annual Members Dinner at the Inn at Middletown, 70 Main Street, Middletown, on May 16, 2018. Rep. Andrew Fleischmann will represent the committee at the dinner and receive the award. [ more ]

Advocacy and Leadership Conference, NAGC, Washington. DC. March 18-20, 2018

The Connecticut Association for the Gifted representatives attended the NAGC Legislative Advocacy Conference in Washington, DC. CAG's VP for Legislation and Public Policy, Bianka Kortlan-Cox was one of the speakers addressing CT's new gifted education law, PA 17-82, and CAG Vice President Bonnie O'Reagan, met on the Hill with Sen. Murphy's representatives to talk about federal funding for gifted education, the Javits Fund, and the progress CT is expected to make following the passage of the new law. CAG member, Yvonne DeSt.Croix visited Rep. DeLauro's office to discuss the Javits funding and establishing a liaison connection for CAG. She also attended Betsy DeVos' hearing yesterday on the Capitol.

CAG Submits New Legislative Proposal

In January, CAG submitted a new legislative proposal to the Connecticut Assembly.  This year's legislative session started on January 9th and will conclude on June 5th.

Representative Jeff Currey, Deputy Majority Leader, (11th District, E. Hartford, Manchester, S. Windsor) sponsored the bill which has originally been listed as HB 6820.   It was co-sponsored by Rep. M.Blumenthal and Rep. S. Meskers.  During the Education Committee discussion HB 6820 was not supported by enough members to pass, BUT a new draft was subsequently filed, and we are hoping to the have the bill approved and passed by the Assembly by June 5th.  Below is an excerpt from Rep. Currey's latest Newsletter, mentioning his working with CAG.

To see the text of the proposal, click here

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