Milford K-1 workshops

Young Composers
Have fun exploring the most popular young composer programs all in one! Start with beginner keyboard/piano lesson, onto instrument making, and playing in a band to karaoke singing, and take part in a grand finale Broadway musical song and dance number.
Sheila Griffin, Young Composer Programs
Milford, CT

Balancing Acrobats
10 Balancing figures for your 10 fingers to decorate and stack in assorted positions. We've not yet come up will all the possible arrangements! Or all the possible decorations! Balance all 10 on your own and then try a group balance with as many as possible. Then stack them in your stand and head home to play some more.
Andrew Sargent, Educator
Eli Whitney Museum
Hamden, CT

Cartooning Fun for Kids
Kids have fun as they learn how to create their own cartoons. The possibilities are unlimited – from Superheroes to aliens to funny pets and people. Kids will have a fun take home project!
Debi Hamuka-Falkenham
Cartoonist Cartoon Academy
Seymour, CT

Coder Junior
Our exciting new Code Ninjas JR program, we will engage your child in the world of coding, robotics and STEM! They will learn all about algorithms, sequencing, debugging and loops while having a BLAST using our Code Ninjas Robotics Kits, Sphero, and more!
Katie Salisbury, Center Director,
Code Ninjas Trumbull
Trumbull, CT

Fashion Design
Get a taste for the exciting world of fashion design! Learn to draw and design fashion. Students will create a mini magazine along with a purse and outfit for their very own stuffed animal or doll. PLEASE BRING A STUFFED ANIMAL OR DOLL TO CLASS.
Sheila Griffin, Young Composer Programs
Milford, CT

Intro to Improv and Storytelling
This workshop creates a fun and supportive environment for kids to learn the basics of creating improv through games, play, and improvised stories. Learn how to be positive, take risks, be more creative, overcome shyness and focus on people you're working with. Get off the couch and get on your feet!
Tori Lawlor
Woodruff Family YMCA – Milford, CT


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