Milford Grade 4-5 Workshops

Dead Trees Come to Life
A tree dies in the forest. Why are dead trees vital for healthy woodland habitat and ecosystem health? A standing dead tree transforms into a web of life. A standing dead tree becomes a Den Tree that is home to birds, animals, bugs, fungi, slime molds, worms, spiders, moss, lichens and green plants. When the tree eventually falls, nature's cycle continues to create new life from old for hundreds of years. You'll dig into the world of a fallen log and discover the amazing community inside.
Steve Johnson, Public Works Deputy and Open Space Manager
Milford, CT

Let's Invent Wearables!
Do you want to design and build a cool wearable that can detect obstacles and help people with disabilities? Come to this STEM workshop. We will use electronic building blocks and craft materials to create assistive technology prototypes. You will learn about the design thinking process and modular electronics. Let's use these new STEM skills to make the world a better place!
Ching-Fu Lan, Founder
Citizen Invention
Westport, CT

Yoga & Mindfulness
Experience the Little Flower Yoga 5 step methodology: Connect, Breathe, Move, Focus, and Relax. In an over-stimulated, over-technological and over-scheduled world, yoga and mindfulness is exactly what our kids need to find balance. Through connecting with each other, breathing techniques, yoga poses, focus activities, and a guided relaxation, the children will leave the workshop with tools to soothe themselves when life's challenges arise.
Melissa Anderson, Owner
Just Be Yoga & Wellness & R-CYT (Registered Children's Yoga Teacher) Milford, CT

Mini-Masters Library Workshop
Earn your mini‐masters in library science the easy way, with fun library-related games and book‐themed challenges. Organize a collection in an ABC Order Race. Learn popular genres and stories with a game of Head's Up! Get creative with some writing games and bring a favorite book for a Speedy Book Club. Getting a master's degree has never been so much fun‐‐or fast! All students will leave with a mini‐masters certificate.
Suzanne Harrison-Thomas, Children's Librarian

Danielle Valenzano, Young Adult Librarian
Milford Public Library

Cuchina de Peppe: Making Meals & Memories
Learn to make the heart of Italian cuisine in this hands-on cooking workshop. Students will earn how to make Nonna's marinara sauce and homemade fresh pasta.
Giuseppe D' Amore
"Chef Peppe"
Milford, CT

Paper Quilling
What is quilling? This beautiful art is a paper-craft technique used to make coiled embellishments -- flowers, hearts, butterflies, scrolls, marquise and more -- from colorful strips of paper for card making, scrapbooking or even jewelry! Now you can learn the beautiful art of paper quilling step-by-step in this workshop!
Marcie Wright
Jewelry and Arts Craftsperson
Milford, CT

Mission Break-Out!
A variation on the popular escape room phenomenon returns to Minds In Motion™ Milford! Work as a team to solve mind-bending puzzles and crack crazy codes. This challenge will sharpen your abilities to think critically, creatively and collaboratively — and it's FUN too! The object is to unlock a mystery box before your time runs out, and to do so, you'll have to find and solve many clues — forcing you to think both outside and inside the box!
Deb Rogers
NOVUS Educational Innovations
Milford, CT

Learn to Design Basic Henna Tattoos
Learn to design basic Henna Tattoos using all-natural material. Students first start to learn henna design on paper. After that, they will learn to use henna cone on paper that they can then transfer on their hand (optional). Join us to create your own temporary natural henna tattoos.
Priyanka Jain
Henna Styles, LLC
Fairfield, CT


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