Middletown Parent Workshops

Mindful Eating
Presented by: Michael Kalinowski, M.D.
The way in which we approach our meals can have a powerful impact on our physical, emotional, and
social health. Learning to eat mindfully can lead to many tangible physiologic benefits, can help to
prevent onset of many diseases, and can help us to better manage current chronic diseases. In this
workshop, we will explore the benefits of mindful eating in relation to our overall health. We will work
to better understand the experience of "hunger", and practice utilizing our senses to create a more
satisfying eating experience. We will undertake multiple mindful eating adventures and discuss ways to
incorporate this into our daily lives. We will also explore ways to teach mindful eating to elementary
school children, to help them along a path of better long-term health.
Dr. Michael Kalinowski is a Family Physician who has practiced for many years in Middlesex County.
He has a passion for prevention and takes a holistic approach towards health and wellness. He is
currently involved in many public health and local community-based initiatives. He lives in Middlefield
with his wife and 2 sons.

Strategies to Reduce Anxiety in Youth Through Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga
Presented by: Nancy Ferrero, LMFT and Certified Yoga Instructor
Parents will be offered a "taste test" of mindfulness exercises, introductory meditation practice and
simple, accessible yoga poses that can aid in calming and quieting the nervous system. Yoga mats and
blankets will be provided. Please wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to remove your shoes.
Nancy Ferrero is a licensed marriage and family therapist who runs a local private practice, treating
children, individuals, couples, and families. Her love of yoga inspired her to become a certified
instructor. She weaves strands of yoga and meditation into her practice.

Taking Time for CHiL (Connected Health and Learning)
Presented by: Mary Emerling, RN, MPA, School Health Supervisor and
Janet Parmelee, RN-Macdonough School
Join two healthcare professionals from Middletown Public Schools to learn about and practice
CHiL(Connected Health and Learning). CHiL is a technique to help reduce worries, stress, and anxiety
that is being taught to and used by students in Middletown Public Schools. In this workshop you will
practice relaxation techniques through deep breathing, muscle relaxation, and guided imagery. Learn
what is being taught, and how it can be used by anyone, anytime, to reduce worries and anxiety in order
to feel and learn better every day.
Mary Emerling has almost 20 years of public health nursing experience and began her school health
experience as the school nurse for an elementary school in East Hampton, CT. She worked with the
State Department of Public Health for almost 14 years and worked with programs that included:
Immunizations and Childhood Illnesses, Maternal/Child Health, Community Health Centers, and
Emergency Preparedness. Mary came to Middletown Public Schools in the Fall of 2015 and has
enjoyed applying the experiences and practices from past endeavors to serve the Middletown
Janet Parmelee has served as school nurse at Macdonough School for 18 years.


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