Middletown K-1 workshops

The Science of Magic/The Magic of Science
How is a great magic trick like a science lab? What
do scientists, magicians, and detectives have in
common? You'll learn some great tricks that you
can do anywhere; find out how to fool your brain,
and the science behind some very cool illusions.
John Pellino, Associate Director
Talcott Mountain Science Center & Academy

Introduction to Girl Scouts
Get a fun introduction to the world of Girl Scouts.
Students will learn what it means to be a Girl Scout in
CT, while working on a fun craft. In typical Girl
Scout fashion, there will be a snack too!
Ashley Duncan & Beth Juliano, Troop Leaders
Girl Scout Troop 60441

Let's Take a Trip to Antarctica – a Virtual Tour of the Continent
Students will explore Antarctica through the use of
books and Google Expedition Goggles. Students
will also create an art project to take home.
Damian Reardon, Principal
Macdonough School
Middletown Public Schools

Three Little Pigs Makerspace Project (2nd session only)
Students will listen to two versions of "The Three
Little Pigs". They then will create a Makerspace by
building a house for the three little pigs out of boxes
and masking tape.
Laurie Ballachino & Lori Petras
Library Media Specialists
Middletown Public Schools

Create Your Own Personal Eraser
The Future Teachers Club of Middletown High
School will be presenting an exciting, colorful, and
fun workshop. Students will get hands on with
creating their very own personal eraser. They can
make a butterfly, turtle, or flower to add to any
Kristen Hamilton and the Middletown High School
Future Teachers Club

Make a Town with KIDCITY! (1st session only)
Join the staff of KIDCITY Children's Museum as we
build a town out of pipes, cardboard, sheets, and our
imagination. Let's create and play together!
Kathy Fox, Museum Staff
KIDCITY Children's Museum

Music Made Fun! An Interactive Introduction to Basic Music Concepts (1st Session only)
Is your child interested in learning about music but too young to begin taking lessons on an instrument? How about learning some of the basics now? This class is designed specifically for children to learn basic music concepts in a fun and fully interactive way! This class uses songs and exercises that will engage your child in the joy of making music. And, don't worry- there's a good dose of silliness included in all activities to keep the kids laughing and engaged! Parents are always invited to join in on the activities.
Some of the activities include:
▪ Call and response songs for matching pitch – one involves barking!
▪ Using simple percussion instruments to learn rhythm
▪ Some silly fun to learn the basics of notes and rests – marching, clapping, etc.
▪ Interactive songs that teach about tempo – one is a Leprechaun song!
▪ "Whole note, Half note" song- sing along!
▪ Ideas on making your own percussion instruments from common items – you'll be amazed at how easy it is!
Susan Peak
Studio Blue Guitar- Music Education and Live Performance


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