Middletown Grade 4-6 Workshops

Introduction to American Sign Language
Have you tried to count to 10 with only one hand? Have you ever tried to speak with food in your mouth and been told that's impolite? Have you ever wanted to be able to communicate underwater? Well then, you're in luck! By learning American Sign Language, you can do all this AND learn about a whole new community and culture! Try this introduction on communication in a visual language! Zoe Cassels-Brown and Clara Babbott-Ward Wesleyan University

Getting Creative with Makey Makey
Children will explore making controllers for a computer using a Makey Makey and everyday objects. A Makey Makey is a tool that allows children to turn things like Play-dough, tinfoil or bananas into touchpads! When you combine this with the internet, you get art, engineering and everything in between! Children will have a chance to create and connect to a computer like never before. Enjoy a workshop of high-tech, creative fun. 
Sarah Claffey, 4th Grade Teacher and Lauren Mikulak, STEM Coach, Macdonough Elementary School

Fun with DNA (1st Session Only)
Students will learn all about DNA. They will isolate strawberry DNA and DNA from themselves. They will also build models of DNA.
Ishita Mukerji, Professor, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Department Wesleyan University

Introduction to Judo
The Blue Dragon Judo Club presents an introduction to the Olympic Sport and martial art of Judo. Learn about grappling and exciting throws!
Pam Hinkle, English Teacher and Blue Dragon Judo Head Instructor Middletown High School

Discovering Squid: From the Inside Out
Students will get a chance to dissect their very own squid, learning about how their bodies work along the way. We will also do a squid craft as we learn about how their skin changes.
Dr. Brigette Zacharczenko, Science Teacher Talcott Mountain Science Center

Tower Power
Do you love engineering or working with your hands? Join this workshop to compete to build the tallest tower of marshmallows, toothpicks and spaghetti.
Hannah Even Science National Honors Society Westport Public Schools

What is Engineering?
Students will learn about different branches of engineering: Biomedical, Civil, Environmental, and Mechanical, and how engineers work together to solve some of today's biggest issues. Students will apply these skills in a fun, hands on activity. Benjamin Strong, Engineering Ambassador UCONN Engineering Ambassadors Presentation Team

Acting for Everyone
Students will get an introduction to the art of acting, provided by Oddfellows Playhouse Youth Theater in Middletown, Connecticut's oldest and largest theater program for young people.
Cecilia Kurachi, Program Manager Oddfellows Playhouse Youth Theater

Color Guard Flag Work
This workshop will include the presentation and hands on demonstration and teaching of color guard flag work. Color guard is the set of flag Sabre and rifle work performed during marching band season in the fall as well as indoor for winter season. Demonstrations will be of basic core flag movements and how it is combined to put together a full routine
Abbey Girasuolo - Color Guard Instructor/Coach, Middletown High School

Stop Motion Animation
Learn how to create a short stop motion animation film by placing objects in front of a camera, snapping pictures, and slowly moving your object to tell a story. In this workshop, we will create a story using our imagination and a little bit of technology.
Jaclyn Goodrich and Elizabeth Barnes, 5th Grade Teachers, Macdonough Elementary School


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