Middletown Grade 4-6 Workshops

Through the Lens – Seeing Photographically (2nd session only)
Students will use digital cameras to learn about
photography and artistic compostition. We will
explore the school on a unique visual scavenger hunt
that opens their imaginations and connects to their
surroundings in a fun, creative way.
Craig Norton, Teaching Artist
Arts for Learning Connecticut

Math Jeopardy (2nd session only)
Do you enjoy math? Do you like playing games? Do
you love prizes? If so, Math Jeopardy is for you!
Together we will explore a variety of different math
challenges ranging from fourth to seventh grade
math curricula. We will try our hand at integers,
algebra and maybe even some geometry and
trigonometry. Do join in and get ready to press your
buzzer if you have the right answer.
Daniel Westphal
Advanced Math Student and Math Enthusiast
Staples High School Student

Crime Scene Investigation with DNA (3 hr)
You are the detective in this intro-to-DNA workshop.
We will do some experiments to compare "crime
scene" DNA with suspect DNA to identify the
"criminal." In the process, participants will learn about
the properties of DNA and its structure. We will also
prepare DNA from our own cheek cells and use it to
make a "DNA necklace."
Ishita Mukerji, Professor, Molecular Biology and
Biochemistry Department
Wesleyan University

Songwriting with Garageband
Students will learn how to use Garageband on the
iPad to create music of varying styles. They will be
able to input and edit a drum beat, insert and modify
loops, and manually enter instrumental parts. NOTE:
students should bring ear buds or headphones if
they have them.
Steve Matthews, Instructional Technology Coach
Middletown Public Schools

Discovering Squid: From the Inside Out
Students will get a chance to dissect their very own
squid, learning about how their bodies work along the
way. We will also do a squid craft as we learn about
how their skin changes.
Dr. Brigette Zacharczenko, Science Teacher
Talcott Mountain Science Center

Nunchuck and Karate Basics (1st session only)
Students are in for a fun filled karate class that
teaches how to focus their energy, develop selfcontrol by the use of a nunchuck, and gain selfconfidence with their achievements.
Lynnette Hurlburt, Head Instructor
Middletown Kenpo Karate Studio

Visual Thinking
Students will be exposed to various art works from the
Master artists in history. They will be led by the
instructor to create vivid stories from the rich visual
details in the art work.
Tom Lee
Arts for Learning Connecticut

Traveling Makerspace: Chain Reactions and Contraptions
This is a hands-on STEM workshop. Students will
design, build, test and improve a Rube Goldberg
Jay Mankita, Playful Engineers
Arts for Learning Connecticut

Matthew's Community Drum Circle (1st session only)
In a friendly, non-competitive environment, students will create a circle of listening and cooperative rhythm
making. They will learn basic hand-drumming technique and some fun West African rhymes that they will
play together.
Matthew Broad, Drum Circle Facilitator
Matthew's Community Drumming


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