Middletown Grade 2-3 Workshops

Soluble Science: Tie Dying with Chromatography
Students will learn about chromatography, a term
that refers to different lab techniques used for the
separation of mixtures, generally for the purpose of
identification. They will then put their newly gained
knowledge into action to tie dye t-shirts (provided)
using the process of chromatography.
Olivia Delaney, STEAM Teacher
Renbrook School

Cupcake Decorating (1st session only)
We'll provide the cupcakes, you provide the
imagination! Learn how to create your own inspired
cupcake designs using buttercream and fondant. Make a
unique sweet treat for yourself or a friend. Then take
home the finished product and enjoy!
*Please let us know of any food allergies.*
Melanie Waters
My Cake Lady, Cakes and Cupcakes

STEM Engineering with Legos®
Power up your engineering skills with Play-Well
TEKnologies and tens of thousands of LEGO®
parts! Apply real-world concepts in physics,
engineering, and architecture through engineerdesigned projects. Build as never before, and
explore your craziest ideas in a supportive
environment. There are no prerequisites for this
Play-Well TEKnologies

Stop Motion Animation (2nd Session Only)
Learn how to create a short stop motion animation film
by placing objects in front of a camera, snapping
pictures, and slowly moving your object to tell a story.
In this workshop, we will create a story using our
imagination and a little bit of technology.
Kerry Darby & Hilary Gindi
Library Media Specialists
Middletown Public Schools

Introduction to Kenpo Karate and Self-Defense
This workshop will cover the basics of karate and
self-defense. It will be taught in a safe and fun
environment. Please dress comfortably.
Sensei Frank Shekosky,
Martial Arts Hall of Fame Member
Cromwell Martial Arts, LLC

Board Games Galore!
Try your hand at some new board games and get
reacquainted with some of the classics.
Kate McCarthy Bond, Children's Librarian
Russell Library

Little People, Big Feelings
In this workshop, students will do role-playing
using suggested scenarios to learn how to diffuse
tense situations. The will also learn strategies for
how to treat others with kindness, even when they
are not!
Mary Ellen Molski, Dragon Watch Mentor, with
Members of MHS Dragon Watch
Middletown High School

What is Matter?
Please join the UCONN Engineering Ambassadors for a
STEM presentation and demo on "What is Matter?" The
workshop's goal is to take children through what matter really
is, starting with atoms, the smallest unit of matter. It will
continue onto how atoms combine and ultimately how
engineers use the different properties (phases) of matter to
solve problems. The presenters will demonstrate various
substances that reflect interesting states of matter. Students
and parents will be able to touch and play with oobleck as
well as watch how it interacts with a music speaker! There
will also be a liquid metal ferrite which "dances" when placed
near a magnet. Children will get to see how liquid nitrogen
changes the properties of rubber and marshmallows. The
workshop will end after making ice cream for students to
UCONN Engineering Ambassadors


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