Bridgeport Parent Workshops

by Frances Aponte
Generational Journey in Education
The audience will hear about the educational journey of four generations in one family. Parents will hear how their involvement can help guide and assist their children on their educational journey.
Frances Aponte is a Certified School Psychologists for the Bridgeport Public Schools. She is assigned to Roosevelt School, as well as two district-wide teams for the Department of Psychological Services. She has been with the Bridgeport Public Schools for 22 years, with 15 of those years as a school psychologist. Frances is currently the Delegate to Connecticut for the National Association of School Psychologists. She is a Past-President of the Connecticut Association of School Psychologists, and is currently on their executive board.

Supporting Your Intellectually Curious Child
Lynne Henwood
In this workshop, parents will learn to recognize and nurture gifted behaviors in their children, both at home and in the classroom. We will discuss strategies for dealing with underachievement, boredom in school, overexcitabilities, perfectionism, twiceexceptionality and other behaviors or characteristics often associated with gifted children.
Lynne Henwood has taught gifted and twice-exceptional children for over 8 years in NJ and is currently the Head of FlexSchool, a school designed for gifted and twice-exceptional children in Bronxville, NY. She is also the President of the New Jersey Association for Gifted Children. Lynne is certified in Gifted Education and is completing a Masters in Giftedness, Creativity and Talent Development at the University of Connecticut.

The Vision Workshop: The Patterns of Success"
Denise Hanks
Whether you would like to create a better work/life balance, take action on creating a healthier lifestyle, or find or mend a relationship, you will leave knowing how to build your dreams in order to enjoy a richer, fuller life experience. You will learn three DreamBuilding principles and how to apply them immediately to help you create a life you absolutely love. Participants should come armed with paper, a pen, an open mind, and a desire to manifest amazing growth and change in their life.
As a DreamBuilder Coach, Certified by the Life Mastery Institute, Denise Hanks can help you design and manifest a life that's in harmony with your Soul's purpose. Her passion is teaching clients to unlock their true potential, achieve outrageous success, and live a life they are excited about! She is filled with joy and gratitude as she works with people to transform their lives and close the gap between the life they were living, and the life they LOVE living. Denise is an inspiring speaker, passionate educator, and a highly sought after transformational coach.

The Importance of Social and Emotional Learning
Dr. Lorrie-Anne Monte
Everyone deserves to feel happy, healthy and successful in school and in life. Social and emotional learning can help children and adults accomplish these goals. This session will provide an overview of social and emotional learning and how it can develop the skills of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship building and responsible decision-making.
Dr. Lorrie-Anne Monte is an Assistant Professor and the Counselor Education Fieldwork Coordinator at Western Connecticut State University. Formerly, she was a School Counselor at Naugatuck High School for 18 years. She strongly believes in being of service to others and is a Past President and Board Member with the Connecticut School Counselor Association and a Board Member with the Connecticut Association for the Gifted. 

Stress Busters: Natural Ways to Bring Calm for Parents & Students
Dr. Lorie Gumbs-Tyler
–  Stress may be a normal part of life, but we don't have to let it take over our lives. We can shift from being "stressed out" to feeling at ease. Learn about foods, nutrients, and activities to help you eat, sleep, and feel better. Gain useful strategies for you and your children to bring more peace and calm into your lives at home, work, school, and beyond.
Dr. Lorie Gumbs-Tyler is a CT licensed naturopathic physician and a certified nutrition specialist with special training in craniosacral therapy and somato-emotional release. She currently sees patients at the Center for Natural Medicine in Watertown and Natural Health & Wellness Center in Stratford. Dr. Lorie has been a Roosevelt School parent and an active Parent Advisory Council member for the past 6 years. She is also a parent board member for the Bridgeport Public Education Fund.

Academic & Career Opportunities of Advanced Manufacturing in Bridgeport
Chris Oburchay and Tess Pastor
Bridgeport has amazing educational and professional opportunities for its students, and in this workshop, you'll learn about the growing field of Advanced Manufacturing and its presence in the Park City. We will provide an overview of the high school application process, identifying the many programs available to Bridgeport students, and highlighting the Advanced Manufacturing Program at Bassick High School. We will also have a presentation by an instructor and students from the Housatonic Community College Advanced Manufacturing Center.
Chris Oburchay is the Library Media Specialist at Roosevelt School, and a former classroom teacher and literacy coach. Tess Pastor is the Guidance Counselor for Roosevelt School.


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