Bridgeport Grade K-1 workshops

Build a Boat for the Gingerbread Man!
The Gingerbread Man from the Famous Fairy Tale
needs your help! You will work as emergent
engineers as you utilize engineering processes to
design and build a boat that will hold the weight of
the Gingerbread Man to help him cross the stream!
Points will be awarded for boat design,
collaboration, and holding the most weight.
Dr. Nancy DeJarnette
University of Bridgeport
Bridgeport, CT

On the Hunt for Seeds (Session 2 only)
Join the Seed Huntress on an expedition into the
wild world of seeds! Together we will explore a
jungle of fruit to discover where their magic seeds
are hidden. Once you embark on this adventure, you
will see the bounty of nature around you and on
your plate in a whole new way. Like Indiana Jones,
you will now discover seed treasures wherever you
go! Each seed hunter will leave this journey with
their very own pouch of seeds to protect & plant!
Sefra Alexandra, The Seed Huntress
Wakeman Town Farm, Westport, CT

Shotokan Karate
Come learn some fun new ways to
keep safe and boost your selfconfidence through Karate. Our
Anti-Bullying and Karate workshop
will keep you laughing and moving
as you learn from International
Gold Medalist Samuel Diaz III.
Samuel Diaz III, Sensei
Stratford Shotokan Karate,
Stratford, CT

We All Scream for Ice Cream
Using the phases of matter, you
will make your own ice cream in a
bag and explore the best way to
chill the ingredients to make them
become a creamy, delicious treat.
Katie Veccharelli, Melinda Stygles
and Sharell Richmond
Grade 1 teachers, Roosevelt School

Move It! (Session 1 only)
Come learn a variety of dance
moves to be put to music. We
will have some movement
and drama games as well.
Come get a move on and have
some fun!
Tanya Ayotte, teacher
Roosevelt School, Bridgeport

Animal Adaptations (Session 2 only)
How do animals survive in the wild? In this exciting,
hands-on workshop, explore how different body
coverings, behaviors, colors and physical structures
help vertebrates (mammals, birds, reptiles and fish)
adapt to their environment, find food and escape
from enemies.
Sammy Riccio
Earthplace, Westport, CT

Storybook Theater: Three Billy Goats Gruff (Session 1 only)
Take the stage! Bring the Three Little Pigs to life
using costumes and props to become the characters
in Three Billy Goats Gruff.
Erica Cruz, Museum Educator
Stepping Stones Museum for Children, Norwalk, CT

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