Bridgeport Grade 4-5 Workshops

Balloon Rocket Car (Session 2 only)
Join us as we design, create and race our Balloon Rocket Cars using things you can find around your home. Learn the secrets of designing a fast car!
Elaine Malone, teacher Roosevelt School, Bridgeport, CT

Movin' and Groovin': Exploring Dance and Music (Session 1 only)
Learn some new dance moves as we explore music and dance from different countries around the world. We will also add some percussion instruments to really get groovin'. Wear comfortable shoes and get ready to move!
Cristina Curto, teacher Roosevelt School, Bridgeport, CT

Design & Engineering for Fun
Using cardboard, connectors and lots of other fun materials, join a team of engineers that will design machines and line them up to create a giant chain reaction.
Marci Klein, Creator 3DuxDesign, Fairfield, CT

The Techno World!
You will learn about how coding works in our technological society and how information is protected, such as military strategies, online banking, and social media. You will make your own codes using a cypher wheel. You will then be introduced to the world of robotics and learn how to code and run a toy robot. And you will explore the world of 3D printing and use software to create your own 3D designs!
University of Bridgeport

Build a Search & Rescue Helicopter
Discover how helicopters can be used for search and rescue missions! Lockheed Martin – Sikorsky engineers will lead you through the design, build, and test process for creating lifesaving aircraft, and help you build one yourself!
Kate Rowland, STEM Council Lead Lockheed Martin – Sikorsky, Stratford, CT

Precision CAD Modeling for 3D Printers (Session 1 only)
You will create your own design using Fusion 360 software. You can then print your 3D creation for free at the Makerspace at the Westport Library!
Michael Altis, Chief Maker MakerSpace @ Westport Library

Learn the Art of Henna
Learn to design basic Henna Tattoos using all natural material. You will first start to learn henna design on paper. After that, you will learn to use henna cone on your hand (optional). Henna material is all natural (no chemicals). Join us to create your own temporary natural henna tattoos.
Priyanka Jain, Henna Styles LLC Fairfield, CT

Collagraphy (Printmaking) (Session 2 only)
Learn how to make a collagraph. We'll create raisedtexture printing plates using various recycled materials (string, bubble wrap, plastic netting, etc.). We'll use them to make colorful prints with multiple layers, creating amazing-looking results!
Ann McCarthy, teacher Roosevelt School, Bridgeport, CT


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