Bridgeport Grade 2-3 Workshops

Animal Adaptations (Session 1 only)
How do animals survive in the wild? In this exciting, hands-on workshop, explore how different body coverings, behaviors, colors and physical structures help vertebrates (mammals, birds, reptiles and fish) adapt to their environment, find food and escape from enemies.
Sammy Riccio Earthplace, Westport, CT

Gadgets & Gizmos (Session 2 only)
Develop an understanding of electric circuits and vibrating motors by creating a dancing robot. You will be able to describe a circuit as a loop in which electricity flows, identify the parts of a circuit and recognize and create closed and open circuits.
Erica Cruz, Museum Educator Stepping Stones Museum for Children, Norwalk, CT

Spinner STEAM
You will investigate the physics of spinning, including the concepts of angular momentum, torque, centrifugal force and more! We'll make optical illusion thaumatropes, snap cube spinners, and cool works of art using spinning action!
Claudia Esposito, Owner Cool-ology, Madison, CT

On the Hunt for Seeds (Session 1 only)
Join the Seed Huntress on an expedition into the wild world of seeds! Together we will explore a jungle of fruit to discover where their magic seeds are hidden. Once you embark on this adventure, you will see the bounty of nature around you and on your plate in a whole new way. Like Indiana Jones, you will now discover seed treasures wherever you go! Each seed hunter will leave this journey with their very own pouch of seeds to protect & plant!
Sefra Alexandra, The Seed Huntress Wakeman Town Farm, Westport, CT

Movin'and Groovin': Exploring Dance and Music (Session 2 only)
Learn some new dance moves as we explore music and dance from different countries around the world. We will also add some percussion instruments to really get groovin'. Wear comfortable shoes and get ready to move!
Cristina Curto, teacher Roosevelt School, Bridgeport, CT

Creative Crafting in Action
Make some interesting crafts from recycled items and create some unique products, such as collages, from recycled materials. Use your imagination and discover new uses for old materials!
Julio Reinoso, Marilyn Henry and Kimberly Henry B-Green 2010 Initiative, Bridgeport

Balloon Rocket Car (Session 1 only)
Join us as we design, create and race our Balloon Rocket Cars using things you can find around your home. Learn the secrets of designing a fast car!
Elaine Malone, teacher Roosevelt School, Bridgeport, CT


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