Mini-Minds In Motion

Mini-Minds In Motion™

Minds In Motion™ is CAG's Signature student enrichment event with fun, hands-on workshops you don't find in a regular classroom. Register for NECGT and bring your child/ren along, too!

The mini-Minds In Motion™ will take place from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. A supervised, free lunch is included! Kids in grades 1 - 8 can enjoy fun workshops like:

Session 1
Hidden Life and the Cell 
There's life under every rock and log, in every crevice of tree bark, and in every puddle. We'll see some of these most interesting and tiny life forms, many of which can only be seen under the microscope. We'll also investigate the inner workings of flowers, using microscopes to view all of the features of these amazing and beautiful evolutionary marvels, the ancestors of which first appeared on earth over 100 million years ago!
Tom Noonan, Talcott Mountain Science Center
Session 2
Compete in the Brain-athon!
Playing brain games exercises your brain muscles! Use your mind to solve intricate puzzles involving strategic thinking, keen observation, logic, and trial & error.
Cindy Powers, owner, Brain-athon Emporium 
A free, supervised lunch is provided for all children.
Breakout - Yoga Moves
Here's a chance to experience movement and breathing in an active story format! Try a variety of yoga poses and even create your own at the end of the session!
Lisa Kesten-Smith, 2nd Grade Teacher 
Session 3
Geocaching Across the Disciplines
Use math problems to figure out the latitude and longitude of geocaches located in different locations across the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Once at the cache, you'll get to try a variety of language arts, math, science, STEM, and social studies lessons.
Steven St. Onge, 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher 
Session 4
Reinventing Toys with Design Thinking and Everyday Invention
Learn how to use a design thinking approach to explore, brainstorm, and prototype everyday invention projects. Learn the basics of Littlebits electronic circuit modules (e.g. light, sound, motor, logical, wire and wireless modules) and use common craft and recycling materials to create and re-invent popular toys (such as moving Lego cars, bubble hurricane, and Furby)
Dr. Ching-Fu Lan, Citizen Invention 

For more information or to register, email Bonnie O'Regan, Conference Chair, at

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