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Special Education Bill, HB 7353, which includes Gifted and Talented provision, PASSED THE HOUSE ON WEDNESDAY!

Late Wednesday night, May 29th, the CT Assembly's House of Representatives UNANIMOUSLY passed CAG-supported HB 7353 which includes a gifted and talented section. In the coming weeks, the Bill will be presented for approval by the Senate (expected) and then signed into law by Governor Lamont.

Section 9) of HB 7353 requires that the process of gifted Identification (already mandated under the CT law) be made fully transparent. Specifically, it requires that information be sent to the parents/guardians and teachers of the identified students, HOW the student was identified (which should include process details, as well as information about identified areas of giftedness) as well as provide a point of contact within the district (responsible for gifted and talented or special education), as well as additional support resources.

Detailed identification information will allow parents and teachers of the identified students to not only gain insight into the areas in which a child's high ability has been identified, but also equip them with valuable information to better serve student's needs within school, through after-school activities and beyond.

Now the Bill needs to be approved by the Senate (expected!), and then signed by Governor Lamont into law.

The Bill's champion is Rep. Jeff Currey, Deputy Majority Leader at the House, representing the 11th Assembly District, East Hartford, Manchester and South Windsor. www.housedems.ct.gov/Currey

CAG is thrilled to share this progress, and encourages you to share the same with parents and educators in your community. If you have questions about the Bill or the process, please contact Bianka Kortlan-Cox, CAG's VP Legislation and Public Policy at bkortlancox@ctgifted.org

Current text of Sec. 9) of HB 7353:

12. "Sec. 9. (NEW) (Effective July 1, 2019) A local or regional board of

13. 22 education shall, upon the identification of a student as gifted and

14. 23 talented, provide electronic notice of such identification to the parent

15. 24 or guardian of such student. Such notice shall include, but need not be

16. 25 limited to, (1) an explanation of how such student was identified as

17. 26 gifted and talented, and (2) the contact information for (A) the

18. 27 employee of the school district in charge of the provision of services to

19. 28 gifted and talented students, or, if there is no such employee, the

20. 29 employee of the school district in charge of the provision of special

21. 30 education and related services, (B) the employee at the Department of

22. 31 Education who has been designated as responsible for providing

23. 32 information and assistance to boards of education and parents or

24. 33 guardians of students related to gifted and talented students, pursuant

25. 34 to section 10-3e of the general statutes, and (C) any associations in the

26. 35 state that provide support to gifted and talented students."

Connecticut General Assembly Bill Status can be accessed at:


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