Your Child's Gifted Programming is in Danger: ACT!!

The COVID19 pandemic presents the State and the School Districts with financial challenges.

Education budgets will be considered for substantial cuts. These budgets have been consistently cut for over a decade, and are already cut to the bone.

OUR CHILDREN ARE OUR BEST INVESTMENT--We should not skimp on appropriate educational opportunities for them.

Every child deserves to learn and be challenged.

CAG has received multiple requests from parents worried about the future of special programming for their kids, and is recommending the following to all concerned parents:
1. Share this note with any parent of a high ability child that requires specially differentiated instruction.
2. CREATE an online parent group in your school and/or district.
3. Based on the sample letter below, compose a letter including a 3-4 item list (see NOTE below) of differentiated programs for high ability/gifted kids available in your school/district;
4. Send the note to your child's school Principal with a CC to the District's Superintendent. Consider cc'ing CAG on the note ( Better understanding the extent of parental concern would help us in our advocacy with the State Department of Education and the Legislature. Include your local Board of Education leaders, your local legislator and the House ( as well as Senate ( Leaders on the email as well.
5. Keep sharing ideas and appropriate articles of interest within your online group, and you will find many resources on the CAG website: -- Want to see something else on the CAG website? TELL US.
6. QUESTIONS? Contact us: ALSO: Share any ideas, including suggestions with us.
E-mail Letter sample (send by post, if no email available):

NOTE: examples of gifted-activities items you can include: 1) direct services kids receive from specialized gifted personnel (or other designated teachers, if your school has no gifted teacher), 2) enrichment opportunities (during AND after school) open to gifted kids OR all students, and 3) school extensions like interest/academic clubs offered to gifted OR all students.
Such programs may have specific names/acronyms in your district or school. Use them.

Dear (name of School Principal)

I am concerned about the threat of further cuts to the need-based curriculum programs at our school. Students on both sides of the learning spectrum require consistent differentiated programming in order to progress, grow and thrive in school.

As studies keep documenting, and the Connecticut's Law PA 17-82 explicitly states, high ability students have SPECIAL NEEDS which have to be addressed by appropriate programming meeting both intellectual AND social-emotional needs of such students.

For that purpose, guidelines for BEST PRACTICES meeting special needs of talented and gifted students have been published on the CSDE's website. They are easy to implement, and most require no special training for teachers.

Gifted and talented students in our district (name of the school district) require continuation of these programs:


I URGE YOU to keep these programs in our school. Our kids need and appreciate them!

Sincerely yours.........
(Name and address, email address, or telephone number)

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