Connecticut Association for the Gifted Announces Search for Board of Directors Member Experienced in Public Relations

The Connecticut Association for the Gifted (CAG), founded in 1969, is the pre-eminent parent, teacher and school resource, and legislative advocate for Connecticut's talented and high-ability students. CAG provides families with information, resources and programs to benefit their gifted and talented children; educators with high-quality professional development; and Boards of Education with the tools to support talented students.
CAG is seeking an individual to serve as a Board member who has background in public relations that ideally includes a blend of media relations and advocacy. CAG desires assistance to expand its reach, awareness and membership statewide -- including further penetration into underserved communities. Also important will be cultivating and maintaining relationships with funders, legislators and collaborating organizations.
Responsibilities to include the following:
• Identifying and crafting stories that communicate the essence of an organization's mission and successes
• Collaborating with the Executive Director and Board leadership to develop and execute a comprehensive communications plan employing strategies that will broaden programmatic reach and deepen impact
• Developing and refining "core" organizational messages to ensure consistency across all platforms
• Identifying significant media and public policy issues that can be leveraged to support CAG's work, and creating and implementing plans to exploit them
• Managing the ongoing promotion of major programs and developing messaging for new initiatives
• Along with ED and officers, representing organization at public events, conferences, workshops, networking groups and media events
• Developing and supporting relationships with CT media
• Working with Development and Partnership committees to help corporate engagement efforts
• Serving as executive editor for the organization's website
• Overseeing organizational response to inquiries about CAG
• Coaching and supporting all staff and board members as spokespersons
• Previous experience on a non-profit board is helpful

This is an unpaid (volunteer) position. To apply or for further information contact Kate O'Neil at

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