Educational Options


Because Connecticut does not have legislation mandating gifted education services, our state's students are not guaranteed access to gifted and talented programming.  Whether or not their school district has established programming, sometimes parents wish to consider different educational paths for their children than the traditional public schools.

As with with any choice in a child's education, the best environment may vary depending on what fits the individual child, and what's best for one family may not appeal to another.  However, for families looking for alternatives, there are a number of options to consider.  For additional information, please visit any of the content areas below.

Inter-Intradistrict Magnet Schools

Intra-Inter district magnet schools are designed to voluntarily reduce racial, ethnic and economic isolation. [ more ]

Public Charter Schools

Charter schools are authorized by the State Board of Education and provide small-scale educational programs managed by a governing board... [ more ]

Open Choice Program

The Open Choice program allows urban students to attend public schools in nearby suburban towns and allows suburban and rural students to attend public schools in a nearby urban center. [ more ]

Independent Schools

Independent (or private) schools serve over 30,000 students throughout Connecticut. [ more ]


A growing number of families are homeschooling. Many of these are doing so in order to accommodate their advanced and gifted learners. [ more ]

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