Yvonne de St. Croix, PhD

Dr. de St. Croix holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership with 18 years of experience as a talented and gifted coordinator, practitioner, researcher, and specialist. Utilizing her strong expertise in national, state, and local educational policy and advocacy, she serves as a tireless advocate for high-quality education with equity and fidelity for all learners. Dr. de St. Croix designs, teaches, coaches, models, and implements differentiated instructional techniques to advance the academic and cognitive abilities of all students. Her research includes qualitative and quantitative data analysis to advise and recommend cohesive and proactive educational discourse. She nationally and internationally with organizations including presenter at ASCD, NAGC, WCGTC, ECHA, and also has been recognized as a national fellow with Hope Street Group, state governor's fellowship, and awards from the ILA and NCTE. She is highly involved in professional development, program implementation, and publishing articles on STEM, creativity, and literacy. Professionally, she collaborates with teams of specialists to maximize impact of data-driven, educationally-focused policy endeavors to effectively produce and communicate proposed recommendations and site-based plans and curriculum with relevant, rigorous content. For Connecticut, she advised gifted and talented guidelines and legislation established by the state for identification and services and also identifies and responds effectively to issues regarding the academically gifted student populations and their teachers specifically and their stakeholders at local and state levels.

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