Past Nicholas Green Award Winners

2010-2011 CT Award Winner

The 2011 Connecticut Nicholas Green Distinguished Student Award winner is Ethan Brown of Bethel.  A self-styled mathemagician, Ethan was a student at Bethel Middle School.  For as long as he can remember, math was always his favorite subject in school, so he decided to take his love of numbers and learning to the next level.  Out of a desire to learn more, Ethan started studying math on his own and then got himself accelerated to higher math classes in school.  But Ethan went one step more and decided to take his love of math outside the classroom.  After seeing a presentation by Dr. Arthur Benjamin, Ethan decided to follow in Dr. Benjamin's footsteps and become a mathemagician.  Since his first humble beginnings performing feats of math magic at his own school's variety show, Ethan has gone on to perform at Southern Connecticut State University, the Chicago Toy and Game Fair, and the World Science Festival. But Ethan doesn't just perform for his own enjoyment.  As he explains, he wants "to make kids more passionate about math.  Math is so important in daily life, as well as fun and interesting."  He wants to help people appreciate just how much fun it can be, maybe even becoming a math teacher when he grows up. 


2009-2010 CT Award Winner

During the 2009-10 school year, Gabriel Sandurra was a fourth grader at St. Cecilia School in Stamford, where his Art teacher descirbed him as "a hard working, talented young man [and] perhaps the most gifted student in the field of art she has seen in [her] 25 years of teaching." Gabriel started drawing with crayons and markers when he was three years old and now uses sketch pencils, pastels, oil paints, and even rocks to draw on slate. "Once I draw something from reference," he says, "I can draw it over and over again without reference because I have it in memory." In class, all the other kids flock to Gabriel's desk so he can help them with their drawings, and on the weekends, Gabriel sets up his own bedroom like an art class so he can teach his little sister to draw too. Congratulations to Gabriel.


2008-2009 CT Award Winner

The 2009 Connecticut Nicholas Green Award winner was Raegan Stokes of Watertown. Raegan is an extraordinarily well-rounded (then) 11 year-old girl with a generous heart. She is passionate about playing violin and piano, a dedicated student, and a leader in many circles including her orchestra, hockey team, school and community. For the past four years she has raised money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society; she spent six years studying Irish step dancing; she is the first violin in her orchestra; and she writes about music for her school newspaper. In 2008 Raegan received the President's Education Award for excellence as well as the Ninth Annual Connecticut Elementary School Celebration of the Arts award. A former teacher writes, "She lit up the room with her enthusiasm and creativity."



2007-2008 CT Award Winner

The 2008 Nicholas Green Award recipient for Connecticut was Annalisa Sega, a (then) 6th grader last year at DePaolo Middle School in Southington.  She is shown here with her 6th grade teacher.

Annalisa keeps raising the bar for herself both academically and as a leader in her community.  She has participated in and organized fundraisers for Walk America / March for Babies, March of Dimes, the Salvation Army, Children’s Miracle Network, Toys for Tots, and Make-a-Wish Foundation.  In school she is part of the student council, Math Counts, is a high honor student who received the Presidential Award for Academic Achievement.  She is also a dancer and was named Junior Miss Litchfield County in 2008.

The March of Dimes has received the greatest amount of attention from Annalisa.  She says, “The reason I chose the March of Dimes is because without them I may not be where I am today.”  Annalisa was born 2 ½ months prematurely, and seeing the videos and photographs, and hearing the stories, of her infancy, prompted her to do something to help others in similar situations.  She started her relationship with the March of Dimes at age 10 by raising money through dancing at their “Light a Little Star” program.  She went on to become the Youth Ambassador for the CT chapter of the March of Dimes and has spoken on their behalf at the State Legislature several times.

Annalisa’s Project Discover (Southington’s G/T program) teacher, Paula Knight, said of her, “She emanates qualities that include academic excellence, solid character values, task commitment and creativity.  Annalisa is held in the highest regard by her peers as well as by teachers and administrators.”

Congratulations to Annalisa on receiving the CT 2008 Nicholas Green Award!


2006-2007 CT Award Winner

Who has lived in Spain, has a passion for animals, reads obsessively, raised $3,000 for the World Wildlife Fund, and is twelve years old?  The answer is Lucia Pierson, the 2006-07 winner of the NAGC - Nicholas Green Award for the state of Connecticut.

Lucia attended Osborn Hill School in Fairfield for fifth grade before moving to Roger Ludlowe Middle School.  She was nominated by Susan Glidden, math gifted resource teacher, and Sheila Ferrara, language arts gifted resource teacher.  When describing Lucia’s fundraiser for the World Wildlife Fund, these teachers wrote, “This take-charge attitude seemed unusual for someone of her age – especially for a brand-new fifth grader in a brand-new school in a brand-new town, state . . . and country!”

In her essay, Lucia explained that the school originally said no to her idea of holding a bake sale, citing school policy.  “I am happier than ANYTHING that it turned out that way, because I came up with a new idea that was MUCH better,” she wrote.  She invited students to make original drawings of wildlife, then turned them into 2,500 button pins with a special machine.  In addition to selling these original buttons, Lucia solicited donations from toy stores and manufacturers and sold raffle tickets.

“Doing this fundraiser has inspired me to go out there and help instead of standing back and shaking my head when something is going wrong,” she declared.  What advice does Lucia have for fellow gifted students?  “Stick to the things that you enjoy, be comfortable in your own skin and believe in yourself.  One person can truly make a difference.”

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