Mission, Vision and Values


Our Mission

To support and advocate for Connecticut's gifted, talented, and high-potential children of diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds so they are identified and provided access and opportunities to an appropriate education by personnel trained and qualified to meet their cognitive, social, and emotional special needs.

Our Vision

We believe that state policies, community support, and school-based practices in Connecticut will meet the learning needs of ALL students, including those who demonstrate outstanding levels of aptitude or competence in one or more domains.

CAG Values Statement - GIFTED

Greater Good – We believe that helping all children achieve their full potential benefits them and the larger community.
Innovation -- We embrace creative thinking and action to advance gifted education in our state.
Focus -- We keep the support for our high ability students at the center of our work.
Teamwork – We believe that planning and acting in collaboration with others will deliver the best results.
Excellence – We reach for the highest standards both personally and in our work.
Diversity -- We embrace inclusion and the power of different points of view, backgrounds, and experiences.

Statement on Racism and Social Justice

The Connecticut Association for the Gifted is united with the National Association for the Gifted's position statement in denouncing racism and standing for social justice. This position statement can be accessed here. CAG recognizes that all students deserve a life free from harm and danger and an education structured in fidelity and equity. For all who are affected personally and all who are outraged morally by racial injustice, the Connecticut Association for the Gifted supports you.

It's been the mission of CAG to advocate for ALL Gifted and Talented students in our State. We are paying special attention to students from underserved and culturally diverse communities, where during the last decade, gifted services have been either severely cut or are non-existent. We will continue on that path.

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