Lisa Sticca-Conrod, Esq.

Lisa Sticca-Conrod, Esq. received her Juris Doctor degree from Quinnipiac University School of Law in 2000, and her dual-bachelor's degree from Fairfield University in Economics and International Studies in 1997. She has spent the bulk of her legal career working in the Aerospace, Accounting and Finance, and Food and Beverage industries specializing in Ethics, Compliance, Contract Management, and Intellectual Property. For the past 15 years, Lisa has taught for several area universities in a wide variety of subjects, but has specialized in the areas of Transformational Leadership, Organizational Communication and Decision Making, Corporate Governance, Strategic Management, Business Ethics, Law, and Non-Profit Management, the last four areas of which she has specialized in as well as published books and other academic materials. She is also a home-schooling mom of a twice-exceptional child, and in an effort to better understand and advocate for the academic and social needs of her child, she decided to pursue a Master's degree in Educational Psychology, with a concentration in Gifted and Talented Development, with an added emphasis on the social and emotional development of the gifted population. She will complete that degree this Summer. For the last year, Lisa has been the Northeast Regional Coordinator of SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted) as well as its CT Liaison, and hopes to coordinate efforts between both organizations as well as others for future conferences and other activities. In addition to this, Lisa has owned and operated her own tutoring business for the last 23 years, which has given her valuable insight into how education has changed and what the academic and social needs are of young learners. Lisa is running for First Vice-President because she has meaningful experience running a student government while in law school where she ultimately served as President. It was during her three years in student government where she honed her skills in constitutional and by-law drafting, equitable fund allocation, activity coordination with other organizations, and the use and practice of Robert's Rules of Order. She has served on the CT Association for the Gifted Board of Directors since 2019 where she has worked to coordinate efforts with SENG and Yale's Center for Emotional Intelligence, as well as other organizations.

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