Kate Maupin, M.A.

Kate Maupin, M.A., is a graduate of the National Research Center for the Gifted and Talented at the University of Connecticut. Her 2014 authorial debut, 'Cheating, Dishonesty, and Manipulation: Why Bright Kids Do It', was the recipient of both a Next Generation Indie Book Award and an International Book Award. She is also writes high ability curriculum. After spending nearly a decade as a proud and passionate teacher of the gifted, she veered into advocacy work in order to effect more change on a state level. She is a local and national speaker on gifted and talented education topics, and works as an educational consultant in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and parts of New York. She can be found on Twitter showing off the most embarrassing editing mistakes she finds in her newest manuscripts, or sniffing out farmers markets with her husband and two sons.

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