Bonnie O'Regan, MS, CAG President

I'm honored to be a nationally recognized administrator in gifted and talented education. The Connecticut Association for the Gifted awarded me "Administrator of the Year" in 2012 and I was recently awarded the 2019 "Gifted Coordinator Award" by the National Association for Gifted Children.

I have taught in one-room schoolhouses as well as rural & suburban communities. My classrooms have been hallways, boiler rooms, on the stairs, under the stars, and in state of the art auditoriums. I have taught all subjects from A (Advanced Algebra) to Z (Zumba).

Whether the students were 3 or 33 — or 13 going on 30 — the drive to learn and understand is universal and ageless. I have learned with hundreds who I was fortunate enough to call "my students" even for a short time.

I have advocated for the unique educational and affective needs of gifted and talented children and helped others learn how to meet these needs effectively in our schools, families, and communities throughout my career. Currently, I am leading Greenwich Public School's Advanced Learning Program — considered an exemplary program across the nation and am President of the Connecticut Association for the Gifted.

Gifted & Talented, Twice Exceptional, Educational Leadership, Teaching, Educational Policy, Data Analysis, Program Development, Acceleration, Curriculum Development, Teacher Training, Staff Development, Curriculum Design, Nonprofits, Advocacy, Program Evaluation, Creativity, Talent Development, Growth Mindset, Student Engagement, Differentiated Instruction, Personalized Learning, Social Emotional Learning, Mindfulness, Brain Research

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